Curriculum Vitea Fons Heijnsbroek
living and working in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

born in Schiedam, 22-12-1951
art-study: Academy of Art in Utrecht, 1995 -1997

Exhibitions and projects:
- solo-exhibition 'Look-through, in the building of De Roos, Amsterdam

- ‘3 x Abstract’, trio-exhibition in MLB gallery in Amsterdam: Daan Lemaire, Ben Vollers Fons Heijnsbroek

- ‘Ratatouille’, group-exhibition in the Orangerie, Amstelpark, Amsterdam
- design-presentation of the ‘Skywalk’ - The Hague, Cultural City of Europe 2018

- ‘Inside - Outside’, a theme-exposition in the Greenhouse ‘Orangerie’ of the Amstelpark, Amsterdam

- ‘Two painters on one canvas’ duo-exposition of Benfo-paintings, Oosterkerk, Amsterdam
- ‘Flow’, duo-exposition with artist Paul van Acker, Orangerie / greenhouse, Amstelpark, Amsterdam

- ‘Dialogue pictural’ Benfo-exposition in the St Pierre church Avallon, Burgundy, France
- ‘Four painters, four visions’ group exhibition of four abstract painting artists,
Orangerie / greenhouse, Amstelpark, Amsterdam
- Summer exposition in gallery Thyencamp, Hooghalen, Drenthe
-‘Two painters’, duo exposition with Daan Lemaire, gallery M.L.B., Amsterdam 

- participation in art-event 'Lek-art', together with Ben Vollers. We painted in  the old mill in Culemborg, to 'a view from the mill'
- exhibition '3 X SCULPTURES': small abstract ceramic sculptures I made together with Eduard Mathijssen, in Orangerie in the Amstelpark, Amsterdam

- one picture is purchased bij the Amsterdam City-archive
- 'Hymn in Haiku', a project with Annemagreet Kuiper, on inspiration of the 'Hymn tot Matter' written by Teilhard de Chardin. Annemagreet wrote the haikus and I painted on her haikus
- 'Trialogue in Space', exposition and a trialogue in visuals between the painters Albert de Wilde, Herman van de Poll and myself 

- realisation of a silo-painting in Hällefors, Sweden, together with Hilly van Eerten, for the organisation ‘European Artists tv’
- group-exhibition of the artist-group 'Art-abstract' in the Orangerie, Amstelpark, Amsterdam

- duo-exposition 'Dutch Abstract' with the Dutch painter Ben Vollers in the AOMI (European Patent office in Alicante), organised by Kepasa and Artpoints, Spain
- international group-exhibition in the Leeuwenbergkerk (church), art-collection with as theme: Day of the Earth, Utrecht
- group-exhibition of the artistgroup 'Art-abstract' in the Orangerie, Amstelpark, Amsterdam

- 2 gouaches purchased by the art commission of the House of Parlement, Binnenhof, The Hague
- group-exhibition at Milano Design, organised by Artpoints, Alicante, Spain
- participation by three projects at the art-manifestation ‘De Ruimte, Ateliers van Gendt’, former rail/ship-wharfs, Amsterdam
- ‘Noordwijk Tuinkunst’, exhibition with three artists in an old working flower barn
- solo-exhibition in kunstuitleen SBK-Zuid, Amsterdam
- solo-exhibition in Casa de Cultura at Benijofar, organised by Ciudad del Hombre 

- première-exhibition of the artists group Art-abstract, De Kapel, Amsterdam
- a series of gouaches is selected in the project ‘Kunst op de Werkkamers’ (Art in workrooms) of the second Chamber (Tweede Kamer), The Hague
- solo exhibition at Ytres Design, Alicante, organised by Ciudad del Hombre (Artpoints), Spain

- group-exhibition in the 'Burgerzaal' of the National Assembly: project 'Art in the offices', The Hague
- solo-exhibition in Cafe ‘Eylders’, Amsterdam
- solo-exhibition in entrance hall of SFB group, Amsterdam
-group-exhibition ‘1001 Reasons to love the Earth’ in the Grote Industriële Club, Amsterdam

- virtual exhibition ‘Highlighted’ on he website of SBK Kunstuitleen, Amsterdam
- Trio-exhibition 'Achter de Dingen' (Behind Things), with Daan Lemaire and Ben Vollers in the Glass house of The Amstelpark in Buitenveldert, Amsterdam - group- (summer) exhibition in ‘Vermeulen Art Gallery’, Loosdrecht 
- solo-exhibition in the Hortus Botanicus, the Botanical garden of Amsterdam 

- duo-exhibition with Ben Vollers in ‘Le Gué’ Gallery, The Hague
- solo-exhibition in ‘Galleria dárte Il Colossi’ Gallery, Amsterdam

- duo-exhibition with Paul Werner in city district office, Amsterdam Oud-West

- trio-exhibition ‘Rondom het Glas' (Around the Glass) with Daan Lemaire and Ben Vollers in het Glazen Huis (the glass house) of Amstelparc, Amsterdam

- group-exhibition in the ‘Ignatius gallery’of the Ignatiushuis, Amsterdam 

- solo-exhibition in ‘Jos Art Gallery’, Amsterdam
- trio-exhibition ‘Torcy a Trois’, with Theo de Feyter and Nancy Perreault in the small church of Torcy-Pouligny, Côte dÓr, France
- solo-exhibition in the buildings of the district court and the cantonal court, Amsterdam
- group-exhibition ‘Numerators and denominators’ in the Oosterkerk, Amsterdam
- group-presentation on the art fair ‘Holland Art Affair’ in Utrecht
- group-exhibition ‘Man and interior’ in the Muzerije, Den Bosch

- participation in ‘Open Art Platform’ in the Vondelkerk, Amsterdam
- participation in ‘Open studios Eastern Islands’, Amsterdam 

- participation in Studio-weekend ‘Looking around the church’, Amsterdam
- duo exhibition with sculptor Frans van Dorst in ‘Centaur’ Gallery, Elsloo 

- group-exhibition ‘Four painters on an Island’, with Cees Romeyn, Daan Lemaire and Jan Mulder in the Oosterkerk, Amsterdam

- participation in ‘International Marine Paintings exhibition, during Sail 
- participation in Art Fair ‘Art 1990’ in the RAI, Amsterdam

- participation in travelling exhibition with Russian and Polish artists, in Ostrolenka, Galuka and in ‘Dom 100’ Gallery in Moscow, Poland and USSR
- participation in ‘Plain Air’ and a resuming exhibition in Ostrolenka, Poland
- duo exhibition ‘Malarstwo-Grafika’ with Annelies Weterman in ‘Osrodek Kultury Plastycznej’in Ostrolenka, Poland

- participation in ‘Open studios tour Eastern Islands’, Amsterdam


My work has been purchased by the following companies and institutions:

- communal archive of the city Amsterdam
- House of Parliament, the Hague
- Draka Kabel BV, Amsterdam
- Project Management Bureau, Amsterdam

- P.C.Hooft group, Amsterdam

- European Artists, Hallefors, Sweden 
- Mercedez Benz BV, Antwerp, Belgium
- Sociaal Agogisch Centrum, Amsterdam
- Amsterdam Thuiszorg, Amsterdam
- SBK ‘Kunstuitleen Amsterdam’, Amsterdam
- SBK ‘Kunst in Bedrijf’, Amsterdam
- Kunstuitleen Het Gooi, Hilversum
- Jos Art Gallery, Amsterdam
- Art gallery – Art Wellness, België
- Art gallery – ‘Thyencamp’, Laaghalerveen, Drenthe

My work is presented by the following art-galleries & institutions:

* Art gallery - Kunstuitleen 'Artolive', Amsterdam
* Art gallery - Kunstuitleen Nieuwegein
* Art gallery - Kunstuitleen Utrecht Bedrijven
* Art gallery - Art Consultant Fontana Fortuna
* Art gallery - SBK Kunstuitleen Amsterdam
* Art gallery - SBK ‘Kunst in Bedrijf’, Amsterdam
* Art gallery - ‘Kunstuitleen Eemland Het Gooi’  Hilversum
* Art gallery - SBK ‘Kunstcentrum Haarlem
* Art gallery – ‘Thyencamp’, Laaghalerveen, Drenthe