Abstract art: paintings & colorful watercolors - free download pictures, by Dutch artist from The Netherlands, Amsterdam

Here I present my abstract art: colorful paintings  on canvas and watercolor art on paper.
My paintings and watercolors are free to download in high resolution pictures. I advice you to visit for that my FLICKR-account, because the quality of the images there is much better, and the resolution there is really high.

I am a contemporary Dutch painter-artist, living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. My name is Fons Heijnsbroek.
I paint dynamic abstract painting art since 1990; it is Dutch Abstract Expressionism, how I like to call it.
I make colorful abstract paintings on canvas and watercolor art on paper; most of them are colorful and rather spontaneously. 

about myself: a Dutch abstract artist

I place myself in the tradition of Abstract expressionism, because this painting style inspired and encouraged me a lot since 1990, the time when I started to paint abstract and spontaneous art.
I create 'intuitive abstract painting' because this term covers well the fact how all my images come to life in a direct, free and spontaneous way. The many hours of looking come after the making.  

Intuitive and free art means to me, I have no image in store when I start to paint. Because it is the image which calls itself into visual life, during  the process of painting. Of course I as an artist must be open for their calling, and I must keep myself aware of everything what comes up and asks for a place in the picture. This is the side of intuitive free and abstract painting, free and agile images coming from some 'place' beyond me as artist and as human being. This is the rather dynamic and unpredictable processor, operating in my 'act of painting'.
 don't give it a name, I don't talk about, I even stopped thinking about it. It just happens and I show my gratitude by painting images which come to me. 

On the other hand I myself must be aware and use my individual history, my grown attitudes, emotions and collected experiences. These form the basis on which I have to make my visual decisions again and again. That is my own responsibility in the creative process. I am not an empty hollow mind; I learned and lived bij watching and looking and trying, year by year. And yet I must keep my mind open to the new and visual sounds coming to me as free birds, as representatives of the unknown; it is a living paradox .......

- So my abstract painting itself grows from free-wandering intuition; it speaks only in the language of images and visual imagination, often beyond myself. This is the area where I transcend and opens myself for new views and pictures which come to me. Painting lies in the twilight between the known and the unknown. I am not mastering the painting; on the other hand, I am not only the victim who just can follows the sound of the universe. It lies between! And the point is: there does not exist a fixed point. That is what art is about, I presume.  

Fons Heijnsbroek